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Thanh Cong Electrical Equipment Industry Co., Ltd. The Company salutes you!

Thanh Cong Equipment was founded in 2014 with 100% foreign investment in Vietnam.

Selling Online Website Advertising Products and Services: Www.SanPhamCongNghiep.Vn


- Industrial Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Drilling, Welding Equipment, Lighting Equipment

- Industrial Fans, Fans Household, Industrial Light Fan types, ventilation solutions, cooling plant ...

- Equipment Workwear, Safety, fire prevention, ...

As partners, the official agent of the reputed manufacturers and brands in the market such as Bosch, Dewalf, Makita, Metabo, Hitachi, Dasin, Asia, Deton, Supplife Max, Lioa, ....

With the size of 100 vendors and more than 1,000 different types of goods. Thanh Cong Equipment confident that will serve most of the needs of our customers in the manufacturing and life in the best way.

On the credibility and ability of potential providers of goods available. Success Equipment is committed to bring customers the best deals from the manufacturers' quality goods - Genuine Warranty - Competitive price and perfect service ".

The motto and philosophy of Thanh Cong Equipment: "only temporary profit, reputation and your satisfaction is always new, take to build Credits Success". Always respect the customer and watch as each living cell of our company.

Sale staff experienced technicians and commitment to the customer will always bring you satisfaction along with useful advice on the technical free customers, solving customer problems one of the most optimal way.

Thanh Cong Equipment  confident that in the near future, we will become partners in your traditional ways: "Cooperation - Mutual benefit - and we are good partners of each other" .

Www.SanPhamCongNghiep.Vn - Thanh Cong Equipment cherish!
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Add: 114 Highway 7 Binh Phuoc - Tan Binh -  Vinh Cuu - Dong Nai
Tel: (0251) 3970 197    -   Fax: (0251) 3970 187 
Hotline: 0904.75.75.49 - 0934.545.949
TP. HCM: 19A Ng Huu Dat St, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Dirst, HCMC
Tel: (028) 38 124 112 - Fax: (028) 38 124 112
Gmail: Thietbithanhcongco@gmail.com
No. Code Tax:  3603153805 / 3603153805-001
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