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Warranty Policy

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During use if you experience any problems or errors Manufacturers clients can communicate directly with the service center of the manufacturer or the customer service department of the company for assistance.
I. Warranty:

Product Warranty is: overcoming failures, technical problems occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer.

II. Warranty Regulations:

- Products are free warranty if the product warranty is valid from the date of delivery.

- The warranty period is stated in the warranty card and used in accordance with the manufacturer for all technical problems.

- With warranty card and stamp the company's warranty on the product.

III. These cases are not covered:

- Product warranty has expired or loss recorded on the warranty card.

- Stamps warranty seal is torn, broken, crushed or paste was modified.

- Warranty does not specify the date of purchase and serial number.

- The machine on the product can not be identified or in contravention of the machines listed on the warranty card.

- The product is damaged due to mechanical impact falls, breaks, bumps, scratches, warp, moisture, rust, or water flow due to fire, natural disasters cause.

- Products signs damaged by rodents or insects invade.

- Improper use guidebooks, misuse voltage regulation.

- Arbitrarily dismantled, repaired by the technician or individual not authorized by the Company Success

IV. Location warranty:

All products are warranted in the service center of the company. Company staff can guide customers to the company or on behalf of customers to contact the company service center for warranty products to our customers.


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